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Rosé Gin

w/ Crooked River Win + Green Connect Botanicals

ABV: 40%

Vol: 700ml


What started as a collaborative covid project between a pub, a distillery, a winery and an urban farm, has created something incredibly special, with our first release amounting to something we're especially proud to now OFFICIALLY send to market.


When creating this gin, we wanted to make sure that we didn't compromise on the true tones of a great gin, whilst adding florals and the deliciously dry rosé from a great local winery.  It's a craft gin so expect the flavour to be quite juniper forward.


We were able to add an incredibly low amount of sugar, with a sweet viscus mouth feel coming from our native macadamias.

You will also get a muskiness as you sip this gin that was developed through the use of fresh lavender and rose petals.


It was all married together by giving the flavours a year in the bottle to properly develop into an aromatic gin that we're incredibly proud of.

We'd love for you to try it

Rosé Gin

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